New Building Committee

What's Happening So Far?

August 28, 2017: It has begun! Digging started this morning at 7:30 am. Check out the photoblog.
August 21, 2017: The first excavator arrives. Digging is expected to start soon! Check out the photoblog.
July 20, 2017: We have a fence around the site. Check out the photoblog.
July 18, 2017: Sod turning ceremony held at the site of the new building. Check out the photoblog.
July 11, 2017: City announces sod turning ceremony to be held on July 18 at 10:30 am on the location of the new building.
July 4, 2017: Thank you for being patient. I have been bound by a confidentiality agreement over the last four months, but that is over now. I hope to be able to provide a lot more information in the coming months than I have been.
July 4, 2017: The City Council voted to approve the proposed new building. To recognize the diversified services that the building will provide to the community, it will be called The Chilliwack Curling & Community Centre.
June 30, 2017: The city has been showing due diligence over the last three months, but they are now ready to vote on the proposal at the Council meeting on July 4 at 3:00.
February 7, 2017: The deadline for the three project RFPs has been extended to Mar 1. They will then be evaluated by the city and it is anticipated that the winning submission will be sent to City Council for approval later that month.
October 19, 2016: Are you curious about exactly where the proposed building is going? The City has placed stakes in the field beside us which mark where they envision the new building is going to be.
October 6, 2016: The Request for Expressions of Interest has been released by the city. This document invites companies to indicate that they are interested in submitting a proposal to build our new facility. The Request for Proposal will be released in the coming months.
October 5, 2016: After several months of discussions with the city, we have agreed on a conceptual floor plan for the new building. In order to maintain the integrity of the bidding process, copies of the floor plan will not be made public until the Request for Proposal (RFP) process has been completed.
January 29, 2016: Representatives from the committee and city administrators toured some recently built curling facilities in the area - Richmond, Vancouver, and Coquitlam - to get ideas of what to, and what not to, incorporate in the new building.
January 27, 2016: Representatives from the committee met for the second time with city administrators. Discussion revolved around the upcoming tour of other recently built curling facilities, the new construction timeline, and the need for detailed room-by-room requirements/wishes.
August 17, 2015: The committee met to review member input and to develop a vision statement along with a wish list for the new building.
July 20, 2015: Representatives from the committee met with city staff to discuss a preliminary time line, their vision for the new building, and possible locations. Check out our updated FAQ page for more information.
March 25, 2015: The committee has held its first organizational meeting and is currently soliciting suggestions and ideas for the new building from members. Submit your idea. A meeting with the city is anticipated to take place in May.