A Photoblog of the New Building Construction

Follow the construction of the new building as it happens.

The Latest Photos

Sept 21, 2018: The painting upstairs is finished.

Sept 21, 2018: The support frame for the t-bar ceiling has been installed in the washrooms upstairs. The tiles against the wall on the right are return air vents. The tile in the top right corner, and the one three frames further down, are not tiles - they are heating units in the ceiling.

Sept 21, 2018: Looking down the elevator shaft at the elevator car platform. The elevator has been tested with the platform moving up and down the shaft.

Sept 21, 2018: Flooring tiles for the upstairs washrooms.

Sept 21, 2018: The painters are still working on the ice shed ceiling.

Sept 21, 2018: Access hatches for the water main.

Sept 21, 2018: The exterior doors for the kitchen have been installed and the tops of the oil and grease extractors have been raised to their final heights.

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Sept 4, 2018: The door/window frames for the entrance from the deck into the banquet room have been installed.

Sept 4, 2018: Most of the upstairs drywall has been taped.

Sept 4, 2018: The cement for the back half of the rear walkways has been poured. The front half will be a made with a grate that can be raised to allow the melting ice to escape.

Sept 4, 2018: Building a section of piping for the compressor room.

Sept 4, 2018: Power troweling the floor of the storeroom beside sheet one.

Sept 4, 2018: Drywall has been hung in the downstairs viewing area.

Sept 4, 2018: The hallway from the dining area towards the locker rooms.

Sept 4, 2018: The hallway from the viewing area towards the restrooms and locker rooms.

Sept 4, 2018: The downstairs ladies' restroom.

Sept 4, 2018: The downstairs men's restroom.

Sept 4, 2018: Working on the BC Hydro connection to the site.

Sept 5, 2018: The conduit for the utilities is now being laid beside the building.

Sept 5, 2018: Sections of Kingspan panelling waiting to be installed on the wall around the deck.

Sept 5, 2018: Painting the ceiling in the ice shed.

Sept 5, 2018: Lots of pipes running in the compressor room.

Sept 6, 2018: The smaller, custom-cut Kingspan panels have been mounted on the corners to close off the exterior walls.

Sept 6, 2018: The city has finished digging and laying the conduit for the utilities.

Sept 6, 2018: Sealing joints in the conduit manhole.

Sept 6, 2018: Compacting the soil that was dug up when the utility conduit was installed.

Sept 6, 2018: The Kingspan panels are going up around the covered deck.

Sept 6, 2018: Installing the thin support wires for the suspended ceiling.

Sept 6, 2018: Applying mud in the upstairs storeroom.

Sept 6, 2018: The mop sink in the janitorial room behind the bar.

Sept 6, 2018: The multi-purpose room has drywall hanging.

Sept 6, 2018: One section of the ceiling in the ice shed has been painted.

Sept 7, 2018: Installing the last few glass panes in the windows looking out into the ice shed.

Sept 7, 2018: Corner bead has been set in place throughout the second floor.

Sept 7, 2018: More painting in the ice shed.

Sept 7, 2018: The compressor room seems to be getting a little crowded with piping.

Sept 7, 2018: Now that the utility conduit is in place, the city is working on the sewer line.

Sept 10, 2018: There are two painters working in the ice shed ceiling today.

Sept 10, 2018: The ammonium hydroxide has arrived. Only a little stronger than the household ammonia bought in stores, the ammonium hydroxide will be used in the pipes under the ice pad.

Sept 10, 2018: The city workers are continuing their work on the storm drain.

Sept 11, 2018: Applying mud around the windows overlooking the ice shed from the lounge.

Sept 11, 2018: More mud in the upstairs meeting room.

Sept 11, 2018: The cooler, damp weather is slowing the drying process of the mud, so they are firing up a heater to keep the upstairs warm.

Sept 11, 2018: In addition to pumping heat into the upstairs, they have hung tarps and plastic sheets over the door ways to cut down on the wind blowing in.

Sept 11, 2018: Hanging the doors leading out to the covered deck.

Sept 11, 2018: More paint on the ice shed ceiling.

Sept 11, 2018: Drywall in the pro shop.

Sept 11, 2018: Drywall in the admin office.

Sept 11, 2018: The compressor room; there are stiil some pipes to be connected.

Sept 11, 2018: Hanging doors at the main entrance.

Sept 12, 2018: Drywall is now hanging in the kitchen. In the cooking area, finished meals will be set on the pass shelve on the right.

Sept 12, 2018: In the serving area of the kitchen, meals from the cooking area will be picked up from the pass shelve on the left and passed to customers at the service counter on the right.

Sept 12, 2018: The prep area of the kitchen looks huge, but most of the area will be taken up by the walk-in cooler and freezer.

Sept 12, 2018: About half of the ceiling in the ice shed has been painted.

Sept 12, 2018: Everyday, more pipes are added in the compressor room.

Sept 12, 2018: More and more doors are starting to appear.

Sept 12, 2018: The main water intake for the building. Water will flow from underground up towards the ceiling.

Sept 12, 2018: The water flows across the ceiling, from the top left, then down the wall to a series of valves.

Sept 12, 2018: Valves control the flow of water to various sections of the building.

Sept 12, 2018: Doors to the ice shed.

Sept 12, 2018: The drywall in the downstairs hallway has been taped.

Sept 12, 2018: The final coat of mud has been applied upstairs. The final sanding will be done tomorrow and painting starts on Monday.

Sept 13, 2018: Hanging drywall in the west stairwell.

Sept 13, 2018: Still more piping going up in the compressor room.

Sept 13, 2018: Making measurements in preparation for the installation of the canopy over the main entrance.

Sept 14, 2018: Loading a little more mud on the upstairs drywall.

Sept 14, 2018: Hanging drywall in the north stairwell.

Sept 14, 2018: Vapour barrier around the deck.

Sept 14, 2018: The second later of mud on some of the downstairs drywall.

Sept 14, 2018: Painting the northwest corner of the ice shed ceiling.

Sept 15, 2018: Installing the support beams for the entrance canopy on a rainy Saturday.

Sept 15, 2018: Installing the support beams for the entrance canopy on a rainy Saturday.

Sept 15, 2018: It's a busy Saturday on the site; the crew from Fraser Valley Refrigeration is in the compressor room...

Sept 15, 2018: Someone is pressure washing the exterior wall...

Sept 15, 2018: And the drywall mudders are doing the final sanding upstairs.

Sept 17, 2018: Digging the trench in the parking lot for the water main that will eventually connect to the water line on Spadina.

Sept 17, 2018: More work on the support beams for the canopy at the main entrance.

Sept 17, 2018: The primer coat of paint has been applied on many of the walls upstairs.

Sept 17, 2018: Primer in the meeting room.

Sept 17, 2018: Primer in the upstairs foyer.

Sept 17, 2018: The painter first sprays a coat of primer on the walls, then two painters follow behind with rollers to finish it off.

Sept 17, 2018: Installing the storefront frame for the Pro Shop.

Sept 17, 2018: Another load of drywall mud in the downstairs hallway.

Sept 17, 2018: The inside of the power distribution panel in the compressor room.

Sept 17, 2018: Working on the water main in the parking lot.

Sept 17, 2018: Chiselling out some square notches that will hold patches to cover up bolt heads in the beams.

Sept 17, 2018: Installing the door frame in the main entrance foyer.

Sept 17, 2018: The elevator installation has begun.

Sept 18, 2018: The first coat of paint is on. They had to patch a few rough spots with mud.

Sept 18, 2018: The last stairwell now has drywall hanging.

Sept 18, 2018: Installing the guide rails and pistons in the elevator shaft.

Sept 19, 2018: Ceiling tile and t-bar rails waiting to be installed upstairs

Sept 19, 2018: Putting the second coat of paint on the ice shed ceiling.

Sept 19, 2018: Most of the pipes for the compressors have been installed. Just a handfull more to go, those leading to the dehumidifier.

Sept 19, 2018: Hooking up the water main leading to the building.

Sept 20, 2018: Unloading an 1100 gallon water tank. The tank will store water produced by the Jet Ice reverse osmosis system and provide a reservoir for flooding.

Sept 20, 2018: Rolling the tank into the storeroom at the back of the ice shed. It was a tight fit.

Sept 20, 2018: The mud patches have been painted over and the walls upstairs are ready for the second coat.

Sept 20, 2018: Looking at the windows and doors leading into the banquet room from the deck.

Sept 20, 2018: Using a hand pump to transfer hydraulic oil into the elevator reservoir

Sept 20, 2018: The doors have arrived.

Sept 20, 2018: Spraying the second coat of paint on the ceiling in the ice shed.

Sept 20, 2018: Lighting components piled up on the floor in the ice shed.