A Photoblog of the New Building Construction

Follow the construction of the new building as it happens.

The Latest Photos

Nov 15, 2018: Slat board in the pro shop.

Nov 15, 2018: Installing door threshold plates.

Nov 15, 2018: Components of the walk-in cooler are in place in the bar.

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Nov 1, 2018: The hand rails in the stairwells are in place.

Nov 1, 2018: Still more protective MDF; this time in the foyer at the top of the stairs.

Nov 1, 2018: Touching up the paint around the doors in the bar.

Nov 1, 2018: The glass washer, dump sink and ice maker in the bar.

Nov 1, 2018: The banquet hall looks bigger with ceiling tiles in place.

Nov 1, 2018: Patio stones on the covered deck.

Nov 1, 2018: More patio stones waiting to be put in place.

Nov 1, 2018: Mixing up a special, self-leveling, silicone sealant for the joints in the ice shed floor.

Nov 1, 2018: Applying the sealant in one of the four joints between the cement pads under the ice and the pads under the walkways.

Nov 1, 2018: Installing thresholds in the doorways.

Nov 1, 2018: Installing thresholds in the doorways.

Nov 1, 2018: In the downstairs hallway, rolling on sealer/primer in preparation for the flooring installation.

Nov 1, 2018: Installing the steel frame for the soffet under the entrance canopy.

Nov 2, 2018: The patio stones on the floor of the covered deck.

Nov 2, 2018: Serving counters for the bar.

Nov 2, 2018: A view I am eager to duplicate with a beverage on the counter.

Nov 2, 2018: All the ceiling tiles are in place.

Nov 2, 2018: Just waiting for some baseboards and the dividing wall.

Nov 2, 2018: Laying the flooring in the downstairs viewing area.

Nov 2, 2018: Installing the service counter for the kitchen.

Nov 2, 2018: Working on the soffet for the overhang around the main entrance.

Nov 2, 2018: Safety fencing around the natural gas connection.

Nov 3, 2018: Flooring in the downstairs dining area.

Nov 3, 2018: Flooring in the downstairs viewing area.

Nov 3, 2018: All the electrical lines that supplied temporary power upstairs have been disconnected and removed from the meeting room.

Nov 5, 2018: Vinyl wall base is being installed upstairs.

Nov 5, 2018: The flooring in the locker rooms.

Nov 5, 2018: The east half of the dining area has been cleared so the rest of the flooring can go down.

Nov 5, 2018: Hooking up network cables to the patch panel.

Nov 5, 2018: Hooking up the lighting under the entrance canopy.

Nov 5, 2018: Installing the soffets in the overhang along the north side of the building.

Nov 6, 2018: The big roll-up door to the storeroom on the east side of the ice shed.

Nov 6, 2018: Protective MDF on the wall in the downstairs viewing area.

Nov 6, 2018: The glue is setting up for one of the last sections of flooring to be laid down.

Nov 6, 2018: The exposed pillars and cross braces in the steel structure are being painted.

Nov 7, 2018: After many delays Technical Safety BC has finally given us approval to use the aqueous annomia for the coolant in the ice pad. It is being pumped into the system.

Nov 7, 2018: Installing the soffit in the entrance canopy.

Nov 7, 2018: Laying the ceramic tiles in the entrance foyer.

Nov 7, 2018: Cabinetry waiting to be installed in the kitchen.

Nov 7, 2018: Cabinetry in the multi-purpose room.

Nov 7, 2018: Cabinetry being installed in the bar.

Nov 8, 2018: The Jet Ice reverse osmosis equipment.

Nov 8, 2018: James and Rob prepping the plastic wood for the side boards.

Nov 9, 2018: The soffit under the entrance canopy is almost finished.

Nov 9, 2018: The guts inside the elevator.

Nov 9, 2018: The dividing wall in the banquet hall.

Nov 9, 2018: The shelving at the bottom of the upstairs viewing glass.

Nov 9, 2018: Shelving for the downstairs viewing glass waiting to be installed.

Nov 10, 2018: Gord Bradley attaching the bumper to the end board.

Nov 10, 2018: James and Ken working on the side boards.

Nov 10, 2018: The side boards have been laid out.

Nov 10, 2018: The tile in the front foyer is finished.

Nov 10, 2018: Installing the soffit on the covered deck.

Nov 10, 2018: Installing the roll-up shutters in the bar.

Nov 12, 2018: Finishing up the soffit on the entrance canopy.

Nov 12, 2018: Progress has been made on the sofit for the covered deck.

Nov 13, 2018: In preparation for the Canadian Seniors Championship, Danny Lamoureux from Curling Canada and representatives from CBC toured the building.

Nov 13, 2018: As the major sponsor of the Canadian Seniors Championship, Everest Funeral Concierge will be well represented by Randy Ferbey who toured the new building with Bruce.

Nov 13, 2018: Installing speakers for the sound system.

Nov 13, 2018: Hooking up data jacks to CAT 6 network cable.

Nov 13, 2018: The installation of the soffit for the covered deck is finished.

Nov 13, 2018: The final pieces of the Kingspan wall panels are in place.

Nov 14, 2018: The panels for the walk-in coolers and freezer have arrived.

Nov 14, 2018: The cabinet fronts have been installed.

Nov 14, 2018: The rocks sitting on the ice shed floor so they can cool down to the proper temperature.