New Building Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why will the new building be called the Chilliwack Curling & Community Centre? *New Jul 5, 2016*
The existing building is already more than a curling facility. Dart leagues operate out of the bar, various meetings and seminars take place, the building is booked for weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, celebrations of life. With the concrete floor, the meeting room and the multi-purpose room these non-curling activities will only increase. Calling it the Chilliwack Curling & Community Centre will emphasize this multiuse aspect of the building.

2. When will the new building be open? *Revised Jul 5, 2017*
The city has moved a significant portion of the funds into the 2017 fiscal year. This will allow construction to begin earlier than originally anticipated and we will be able to curl in the new building by Fall of 2018. After two months of pre-load, construction is expected to take ten months followed by a shake down period to ensure that the bugs are worked out.

3. Where will the new building be located? *Revised Jul 5, 2017*
The new building will be located in the open area to the west of the current building. This is both the club's and the city's preferred location due to the expanding apartment construction in the area and the close proximity to hotels and the Downtown core. It is expected that the current building will be demolished and that space would be converted to parking.

4. Will the new building be combined with the proposed hockey rink? *Revised Jul 5, 2016*
Although there was some thought given to combining the new building with the new hockey rink, that concept is no longer being considered.

5. Will the new building have a concrete pad?
Yes, there will be a concrete pad. The new building will be designed to meet the needs of the Curling Club and the needs of the City of Chilliwack. The city wants a large "dry use" area that will be available for summer use.

6. How many sheets will it have? *Revised Jul 5, 2017*
The new building will be an eight sheet facility.

7. Who will operate the new building? *Revised Feb 7, 2017*
The current agreement between the city and the Curling Club has been renewed and will carry over to the new building. The club will continue to operate the new building as it did the old.

8. Will there be any changes that will affect the club?
The main difference is that, with a concrete pad, the facility will be available for use during the summer months. Other user groups will be able to use the building. Organizations can hold meetings, conventions, trade shows; private functions such as weddings can be held.

9. Will the Curling Club have to pay any costs? *Revised July 20, 2015*
The current approach is for the city to construct the physical structure including the refrigeration plant. The club would then have to provide the furnishings. As the project continues, we will know more about exactly what the city is willing to fund and what it isn't.

10. Will any of the existing equipment be used in the new building?
The committee will be looking into how we can "salvage" anything of value from the present building. Some of the equipment, such as the two main compressors, is so dated that its life expectancy will preclude them from being of any use to us. Other items, such as tables and chairs, will certainly be moved to the new building.

11. What will happen to the equipment that can not be used in the new building?
Other than the building itself, which is owned by the city, the contents of the building belong to the club. Efforts will be made to sell any equipment that is not useful or is superfluous in the new building.

12. Will the new building have the capability to accommodate other sports?
It is anticipated that meetings will be held with many other user groups to see what their needs are and whether those needs can be accommodated by the new building. We will try to accommodate other user groups as much as possible, but we must keep in mind that the new building must work first and foremost as a curling centre. A number of factors, such as safety issues and the possible breakage of the large viewing windows, must be taken into account. As year-round lease holders of the building, the Curling Club is responsible for the staffing, repairs and maintenance of such, and would have to approve all off-season usage.

13. Will the new building have a large enough elevator and portable ramps to accommodate wheelchair curlers?
As required by code, the new building will meet all current safety and accessibility guidelines, including an elevator that will be large enough for wheelchair curlers.

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